Friday Fashion Find: Grey, Beige, Houndstooth - Fall is Good!

Going Grey!  Really!  Just ordered the cutest basic Grey Skirt I could ever want.  And voila look at these lovelies!  I love these Fashion Finds from Fashion Tribes!   Yes, you know it more grey.  Black will always be a foundational piece/color.  However, look how fun grey can pop your fall wardrobe.

Everyone is also going for Beige.  Ann Taylor has a gorgeous Basic Beige.  Look how simple and elegant it can be this Fall.  

If you're like me and  you absolutely love classic and basic looks like Houndstooth.  Let Lands' End lead the way for you....  Land's End always has classics dressed up or dressed down.  They work!  And you love it, live in it!

Am warming up to the whole military look so give me some time.  How about you?  What are your Fall favs? And what are you warming up to this Fall?! :)

Warmly, Carolina Mama


Anonymous said...

I love fall colors. Hope you keep finding such great deals.

Maricris Zen Mama said...

I'm lovin all the new Fall fashion line of Land's end specially the fabulous sweaters! I should stalk you for fashion advice 'coz you're always stylin'!