Jon Acuff Stuff Christians Like

While at the Dave Ramsey Live Show, guess what I was delighted to discover... Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like works with Dave Ramsey now!! Yes!

At the same time, I got to meet an awesome local couple, Pastor Danny Franks and his wife, Merriem from The Summit Church in Durham, North Carolina - which Durham is Jon's hometown. Ode to the hometown guy! Southern roots!

Jon was on tour with him so while on break and looking at the product tables I happened upon Jon Acuff! He had his own table selling his new book: "Stuff Christians Like!" How cool! A MomBlogger Social Media Mom's kinda excitement. His blog, Stuff Christians Like is hilarious and poignant too.

Just as awesome was the surprise meeting of Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like! How cool to happen upon Jon at his Book Signing Table for "Stuff Christian Like!" I had to purchase one. And get it autographed and get this snappy little video for you of us talking about his book.

Are you a "Stuff Christians Like" fan? Let me know your favorite essay like "the Side Hug" that you like. Look forward to hearing from you.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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MountainMan said...

What an awesome video! I would love to have met him! God is awesome, and is using all kinds of people who are willing!