Raleigh State Fair - NC State Fair 2010

      Welcome to the Raleigh NC State Fair 2010!

This year in the first six days of the State Fair there were four attendance records broken!
Who's going?!   

Thursday, October 21, 2010

                Food Lion Grocery Store is sponsoring the "Hunger Relief Day!" at the NC State Fair.
                                                                    It's simple:

                           "Bring 4 cans of food for donation and get into the NC State Fair FREE!"
                                                              Thursday, October 21, 2010

Or just buy your tickets, ride tickets and get great information here:

While you are enjoying the Fair, use the iPhone App for NC State Fair and get the latest information.  Love the TriOut NC State Fair App!  How Cool is that Mr. Wayne Sutton!

Next let's talk about the NC State Fair Food!  Yes, you've heard it correctly the new food at the Fair this year is the Donut Hamburger!  Yikes!  Of course, I still have not tried the chocolate covered bacon (please leave Raisinettes alone!) , or the deep fried oreos, deep fried butter.  No!  I cannot comprehend that one.

This year's NC State Fair New Foods include:

Deep Fried Chocolate Pie
Deep Fried Pumpkin Pie
Pineapple Lemonade
Gourmet Funnel Cakes:
Black Forest (uses chocolate batter)
Blueberry Bum
Chocolate Obsession (uses chocolate batter)
Pecan Praline
Turtle Brownie
Gourmet Cupcakes:
Caramel Apple
Classic Red Velvet
Maple Bacon
Pumpkin Cream Cheese
Very Vanilla
Deep Fried Bacon & Cheese Mashed Potatoes Bites
Café Du Monde Beignets
Crawfish Etoufee
Deep Fried NC Cajun Turkey wings
Twinkie Logs, chocolate covered
Giant Gummy Bears
1 lb. all Beef Hotdog
Krispy Kreme Burger
Koolaid Pickles
Deep Fried Honey Bun
Deep Fried Chocolate Chips Ahoy Cookies
Fried Frito© Pie

The Live Stock area is a huge attraction and the Farmers and Farm Animals make our day!  Now the million dollar question, what is your favorite Fair Food?!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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