Believing in Santa

The Christmas Season is such a wonderful time of year. We are enjoying everything about it. This year the boys are really enjoying their "Friendship" with Santa. We have an amazing Santa Claus at our favorite local Mall and he made me proud. And he also made me cry. I was more emotional this Christmas visiting Santa than I have been any other year.

The year the Twins were born, their first Christmas, we were in a very small town. We did have a mall -a mall with limited Santa hours. It was a mall also where everyone from far and near drove because they didn't even have a mall with a Santa. So when it came down to priorities of a Twins Mama and our first Christmas - with a husband at the University many hours - managing 'the team" and well, nursing the babes were at the top of the list opposed to standing in long lines waiting....

Fortunately for me, I loved being a mama from the get-go. I even loved being at home with my babies 24/7. Even if it did entail ceasing virtually overnight my coffee breaks, lunch out, shopping sprees after work. The way I saw it was through my Princess Tiara was me holding the babies. I knew in my heart, even in the years of pursuing law school like my Daddy, that the crown of Motherhood would be the next one I would wear and proudly too.

One small thing I missed as one of five children to a mother who did do it all all the time. And yes, she loved it. I mean she made the meals, made the girls dresses, and all and n.e.v.e.r once complained.

Really, I did not know this job was work much the hardest job I would ever do. So when I say the first Christmas mama was taking care of the babies, that's just what I happily was doing. It was only looking back that I realized that most of the other mamas stood in those long lines with their one child or two children with another adult and sat on Santa's lap.

So the next Christmas, we were in Colorado with Mountain Man's family. And guess what, driving down the mountain and to a mall with a Santa and standing in line is not a Colorado Christmas priority. Too bad, I didn't think about 'strong arming' my in-laws into extra helping-hands for the task.

Honestly, it took this first time young mama with two babies at once a while to understand how it works.

Again, that was okay because why stand in line for Santa when there is snow coming down and we as a family could spend our time sledding with our boys and snowshoeing. Blessed memories indeed.

Jumping to yesterday, we made our way to our local mall where Santa sits for ten hours a day. It took a little planning with Mountain Man and there we all were at the feet of our local Santa Claus with the Tigers.

My seven year old boys were all smiles and twinkly eyes at the man who they believes really does shimmy down the roof with their presents.

The line was short, the decorations were lovely and the boys were gleeful with anticipation. I wanted to 'get this right' so I went ahead and arranged it all with the sales lady while we all aimlessly waited for the few children in front of us. She was a patient lady.

My request were that each child have their moment with Santa. Then, the two could together sit on Santa's lap. Of course, photos would be snapped throughout by the photo people and by us.

If you've read here enough, you know I am not a Type A perfectionist - so why this. You see, these two boys will be dare I say eight in February - 8 years old. So next Christmas puts them close to nine. Other moms have advised us to enjoy these Santa Believing years because it does not last for ever. I'm in.

As we waited, I took in the memory. The boys were patient, holding their lists, reviewing them together, and Mountain Man and I caught eyes. Mine were already watering. He knew. He's the one who holds it together for us. Me, well, he holds me up.

Santa was amazing. It was as if he knew. He spend a lot of time with each child, smiling to me/the camera, smiling at my boys, listening and filling them with the best stories a Santa could tell. I mean, who knew that Santa has a mouse for the kids without chimneys - a mouse who opens the door to the house. And for those who do, us, we need to leave only three cookies, one for Santa and one each for the boys to eat Christmas morning because Santa nearly got stuck in the chimney last year eating all those cookies.

We were all pictured out and the boys satisfied and gleeful sensed it was their turn to move on for the next child. I couldn't resist - with tears in my eyes - embracing Santa and whispering in his ear how thankful I was and that I know I may not get this next year. He gave me a squeeze and a wink that said, "We did it and I do believe I'll see you here next year."

Nowhere in my mind had I considered when they will discover the 'real' Santa yet. (Doesn't this go on forever!?) So to consider this as we stood enjoying this very real moment with Santa was almost too much. I am not a person who longs for yesteryear, I just sure well want to enjoy today because it fades quickly.

Even as a Believer, It's a tough concept to consider in the middle of the happiest years of my life. This too will fade away. So I am reminded in my parenting that yes I love them believing in Santa as long as possible. Yet, I want them to believe in the One who lives forever. He who does not fade away.

And then I am going to hold on to these pictures and memories right into the gates of Eternity. Because this year, the 'friendship' with Santa was the best ever for the Twins and me!


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Smelling Coffee said...

Beautifully said - and so glad you got this precious Mama Memory! The boys are so handsome - great picture. Love to you! Jen

Nancy M. said...

That is a wonderful picture! He really does look like the real Santa. My son is 11 1/2 and he still believes.