Siesta Ornament Exchange Goodies

Here's is what I sent my Secret Siesta Leigh Gray. Inside is a cute Ornament that I got at a cute gift shop here called, "The Ivy Cottage. They have the best of everything so it was hard to narrow it all down. Anyway, I did and found a cute star and red and gold ornament that Leigh said would go great on her gold and red tree. :) And I had to add a little something extra... see that cute red box. That is the lovely Tyler candle in "EggNog" and they are yummy. Love these ecofriendly candles. The piping on my little year round tree is Twins Art. ;)
Did anyone else do the Siesta Ornament Exchange? See the cute button on my left sidebar? Well, I did and it was fun. And one great thing is this year I did not attend a hand full of ornament exchanges so I enjoyed this the one I did.

Love this cross. It gets much more credit in person. It's lovely and reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas.

Five days until Christmas, are you ready? We are - just a little more wrapping and the battery check and we're good on the 'stuff' front. Setting aside time for the Nativity Story, our Advent Calendar, other great things about the Baby Jesus and Christmastime.

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Shannon said...

FIVE DAYS???? AHHHHHH! Just kidding I think we are ready, although the hubs keeps thinking of things he could have gotten his dad, lol.

Kim @ My Journey said...

I'm so happy for you that you joined in on the exchange! I didn't and wished I had.... it's such a great idea!!! Merry Christmas Friend.

Sarah said...

I love eggnog and to have it in candle form would be even better!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

good job friend!!!!!!! I can not even find my feet to post a picture!!! ugh!! Hopefully I can get around to it. Please know it is not because I don't love it - I DO!!!!!!!!!! thinking of you - Leigh

Lora said...

The ornament exchange was a lot of fun! Leigh is a sweetie!

Love the Twins Art!

Merry Christmas,