New Year's Resolutions or The Hyatt Life Plan

Loving the Holiday Season still.

Welcome Home to those of you making your way back online. As 2008 comes to an end, I am thinking about the events of this past year. One wonderful thing has been all of my blogging connections - you my friends. I am thankful for the blessings.

Are you a New Year's Resolution person? :) I am. Always have been. To me it is part of the fun to draw up my Best New Year from where I sit looking into the window of the year. It is an exciting time. And a time I rely more than ever on the Lord Jesus Christ. None of us know what tomorrow holds. And we no not what 2009 will hold.

Regardless of the design meant of each of us in the New Year, may we commit it to Him. And more than ever rely on Christ to see us through and to work all things for His plan.

Just wanted to share what I love finding. This year instead of my "New Year's Resolutions" only plan. I am going to do the
Michael Hyatt Life Plan. I love the outline he gives and how explains its purpose.

If you are not familiar with Michael Hyatt - he is the President and CEO of Thomas Nelson. Join us on Twitter. Here's his Twitter: Of course, join me too

It's really fun! This is how I plan to balance my 2009, with a Life Plan and juggling my responsibilities that are prioritized. I'm joining The Inspired Room in sharing the balancing act. What about you?

Looking forward to it. Want to join us? Let me know what you think or what your 'plan' is for the New Year!


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Melissa Miller said...

Hello Carolina Mama, :) Thanks so much for visiting my new blog and becoming a follower. It is geatly appreciated. You're the sweetest.
I am loving your new resolutions. Very nice!
I'll be back often.
Have a wonderful and blessed New year.
~Warmly, Melissa :)

Kim said...

Happy New Year Friend. I'm totally using your blog post as an excuse to ignore my packing duties. So, I assume that means I need to work on procrastination in the coming year, huh?!?!?! Have a great start to this great new year!!! Hugs, Kim

Shannon said...

Resolutions? Hmmmm, quite simple, to get in better shape. Not loose X pounds or anything like that. Just exercise with the boys and eat healthier. Also to focus more on things to come, our heavenly heritage, if you will, instead of Earthly things.

Smelling Coffee said...

Hey - Catching up here... and LOVED this post and the Life Plan idea! I do something similar, but I love the way this was pulled together. I'm going to try to set aside a day in Jan. to do this - or at least start working on it. Thanks for sharing the info.

Also, I love your red background and the pretty snow. :-)

Looking forward to reading more... We got in town from being away for 8 days and I'm behind on everything!!!

Love to you... Jen

Shanna said...

Carolina Mama,
Thank you for for following me on Twitter just in time for me to return and follow you so I didn't miss out on this important Tweet/Post.

Rather than spill my life from the last year and beyond, just know that this has come at the most perfect time and only re-affirms where I want to go... Just didn't know how to get there. I read and implemented Covey's Seven Habits many, many years ago and even David Allen's Getting Things Done... I've had the tools, but none of the confidence or support in getting there.. If that makes sense. Anyway, thank you.

2009 has to be better than 2008 and now I'm sure it will be.

Thank you!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I loved the Life Plan idea! I am so glad you are sharing your goals. It is great to find others out there to find inspiration from!