Billy Graham Christmas Special

We're counting days until Christmas and putting finishing touches on packages, bows and gathering stuffed animals to share with children who are without - whether it is without a "stufty" or without parent.

Here is a bit of fun I want to share the Billy Gramham Chirstmas Special. It's going on now so check the listing for your area. And go ahead and look around at the site they have lots to celebrate there.

We've had a fun week of Christmas festivities which seem to continue on. We can't do everything. Do you find yourself making choices because busy is just busy. And it is the one thing we want to avoid - a feeling of just being busy.

Right now, we have a good mix and are focusing on the "Reason for the Season" - Jesus our Lord. So that is our hope to continue this weekend enjoying the celebration without too much ado. How about you? How are you doing just thirteen days before Christmas?


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Violet said...

Hi There.
Just found you from the LittleBellaBean blog. I want to see that Christmas special! I've enjoyed browsing about here but have a pile of presents I'm attempting to make for friends so I suppose I must pull myself away now.... I'll be back! ... Violet