Christmas Crafty Thursday To You

Hi Ya'll! It is our Christmas Crafty little Thursday here. I am excited to share with you a lovely blog Flip Flops & Applesauce by Christy. Christy is a mother of twin girls so you may say I am partial. :) Really, she is talented and a twins mama so she's got my attention.

Guess how we got Thanksgiving dinner cooked? Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles everywhere.

Look at happy Tigers! Here is a great 'little' big craft of Flip Flops and Applesauce that we tried over Thanksgiving Holiday and it was a hit to behold. You add your own cuteness of bows and ribbons and package this like your child would wish and you've got one great afternoon of fun.

Check out her link above because you'll surely find awesome ideas like we have. She posts homemade happiness each and every day so it's a win-win situation.

While you're shopping for Christmas cross-click to her sister's site, Lisa Leonard Designs, one of my favorite and see her amazing talent too.

Happy Christmas crafting and maybe shopping too.


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Sarah said...

It's so funny about the PB bread. Christy posted something on her blog too about it once.

It's actually just a piece of bread (straight out of the bag) with Jif PB. We dip the bread in the hot chocolate and since it isn't toasted it soaks up the hot chocolate and melts the PB a little bit to make it oh so yummy!

So to disappoint if you were hoping for a grand recipe, but it doesn't get any easier than this!!

Shannon said...

Looks like allot of fun! (My kids always end up fighting over bubbles, and then someone spills the liquid.)

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Too cute...thanks for coming over to "visit me" this morning. I love finding (or being found by) new bloggers!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I always forget about bubbles...but thanks for reminding me! What a great gift from Santa this year!

Debbie said...

Bubbles - cheap, clean, easy. Why can't everything be like that?