Let Them Have Snow

Admittedly, growing up in New Orleans, it is not in my DNA to long for snow at Christmastime even though it is beautiful and I love it. However, I thought I would add a little fun to my blog to kick up the excitement this week before Christmas. So welcome and enjoy!

Recently, I was asked on my Twitter ;) what three words I would use to sum up basically my New Year's Resolutions. I love writing New Year's Resolutions and do every year. I love a new beginning and you'll undoubtedly hear me write more about that after Christmas.

However, with the question ringing true in my ears and Christmas in five days, here's my initial answer:

Faith Family Friends

These are the blessings along the way. And my I make my Faith Family and Friends priorities more than ever in this New Year. Yes, I will have list of other goals and resolutions if you wish. For now, this is keeping me focused this Christmas week.

What about you? Have you thought of these things? What are your initial three? :)


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p.s. This post was edited for spelling by my seven year old son! :)


Christy said...

Not to be a copy cat, but I will have to say the same three as you. When it all comes down to it, those are the things that really matter.

Megan @ Little Bella Bean said...

You seem to have the top three there! I will have to think on it more, and if I come up with something different I'll let you know. =)

Tammy said...

Lose Some Weight

Your list is WAY better than mine though.

Jo said...

Hmmm ... this was a very thought provoking post. I think I would have to go with family, simplify, and enjoy. I feel like I am always on the run and don't take enough time out to just stop and focus on what really makes me happy.

Thank you, this was a good one!


Kim said...

I'm all about Back to Basics for 2009... and I think Faith Family and Friends is a great way to sum it up! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!