Dan the Animal Man Special Event at Creation Museum

For the third year in a row, I've gotten my family to touch an Alligator... without dragging us through the Bayous of Louisiana.  The Bayous are great, except this is much safer and a whole lot of fun.  Mix in our love of Creation....

Creation Museum
Summer 2011

Dan the Animal Man shared his love of animal and creation with our church and he did so with his exotic animals.  He always entertains and captures his audience.

Now you can see him, too.  The Dan the Animal Man Special Event at Creation Museum.  

"Only at the Creation Museum: Don’t miss an incredible combination of animal trainer Dan “the Animal Man” Breeding and AiG’s talented Buddy Davis! During the week of August 6–11, you can enjoy this exciting opportunity each day in Legacy Hall. At 12:00 or 3:00 PM you can hear Dan teach about creation with incredible live animals, while children and adults alike enjoy Buddy’s humor and catchy tunes! This amazing extravaganza will bring you “eye to eye” with some truly remarkable wild animals that most people never get to experience up close."

Dan the Animal Man is truly a remarkable experience. We have loved getting to touch alligators - safely! :)   And to learn about these exotic creatures that God created.

Remember how much we LOVED the Creation Museum last Summer?  Well, imagine adding Dan the Animal Man to the mix. :)

Are you going to the Creation Museum any time soon?  Or to see Dan the Animal Man? Enjoy!

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

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