Apex, North Carolina 4th of July Parade Celebration 2012

Hope you all had a Happy 4th of July!  "She's a Grand Ole Flag....!" We sang, we celebrated and it was so wonderful.

We were blessed to spend it with family and friends right here in North Carolina.  Let me tell you it was a hot time but it wasn't anything that a cold watermelon and some sprinklers couldn't cure.  We celebrated along with many others... :) 

Here are a few sites from town.... the Balloon Clown.

The Cake Walk....

Our boys decorated their bicycles again and rode in the parade.  This blesses my heart.  So I wonder... when they have their mountain bikes with gears ... will they ride again next year?  

One thing is for sure, I know they will climb the rock climbing wall! :)  I love this. It was cute one of them said. "Mom, it was hard last year,  I wonder if we can do it again?"  I had no doubt reminded my Cherubs, "Boys, you are a year older, stronger and taller this year! You've got this!"  And they did! :) 

They cruised right to the top.  I am thankful as can be for strength and stamina in the every day. 

Of course, Carolina Mama couldn't resist Fashion even on the 4th! Look at these deals. Love the red dress.

Uncle Sam made an appearance.

The Town Fire Trucks Sprayed... soaked the kids after the parade! 
They is surely a highlight!  

Um, you think the Tigers LOVED it?!  No doubt!  

Then it was the water slide.... Celebrate. And cool off!  Southern style. 

How was your 4th?  How did you celebrate/

God Bless America!!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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