Bike Accident Leaves Raleigh Man Dead

This tragic accident happened on the 4th of July in the middle of the day.  Unfortunately, a State Official was killed while he was bicycling on the 4th.  Steven Jordan, the Director of the North Carolina Division of Mental Health Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services, has been identified as the victim in a fatal bicycle accident in North Raleigh on Wednesday.

Biking tips are so helpful.  One thing I notice is helmet safety. I have no idea the details - but one thing I notice is often if folks actually are wearing helmets, they wear them incorrectly.  Check this out. 

We are in dire need of more Bicycle Safety.  I wish there were more sidewalks for cyclists in our area.  Why is it legal for bicycles to be on a two lane, head-on road.  My concerns are not related to details of the accident.  There have not been many details released.  However, as a bicyclist I am not comfortable on those roads. And as a Driver, I almost put my car on stop until I can cross over the double yellow line to pass they cyclists on the two line roads.  This is dangerous and makes me nervous. 

We love to be active and we love the green ways and trails for biking.  

Let's all try to make each other more aware of cyclists and pedestrians for the safety of all.  

Read more about the recent accident here. 

Are you a bicycling individual or family?  Any tips you'd share? 

I'll share some brighter news of how we celebrated the 4th shortly. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama


Love Being A Nonny said...

My husband is an avid biker. He always wears neon clothing...including shirt and socks. He uses flashing lites on his bike and always assumes the driver does not see him. Some of his best rides are on two lane roads in rural NC. Please please please people, watch out for bikers. They are trying to enjoy a healthy sport. Please please please bikers, remember to make yourself as noticeable as possible.

Carolina Mama said...

So agree with you and understand "Love Being A Nonny" - biking is an amazing sport and I definitely meant to express that drivers and bikers beware. That was reason to share I go super slow in case the biker slips or something that is out of their control. Drivers should definitely beware. That is so smart of your husband to be so visible!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Thank you Carolina mama for making all of us more aware! I appreciate all your posts!!

Carolina Mama said...

Of course! "Love Being a Nonny!" You know I love reading your blog as well. Hugs.