Zoe's Kitchen Fresh Taste Amazes Families Including Kids

Fresh and Simple.  That's Zoe's Kitchen. We love that Zoe's is committed to fresh foods with no preservatives or food additives or food coloring. It is a guilt free Fresh Taste experience!  

"Zoës, which means LIFE in Greek, offers fresh ingredients in original recipes to complement your active lifestyle. Our Mediterranean-inspired menu is made FRESH daily in generous portions, sure to satisfy every member of the family. Taste our food and discover why people say it's so addictive!"

We LOVE the Fresh Taste of Zoe's Kitchen.  Our July 4th Picnic took on a whole new meaning for us this year.  Zoe's Kitchen offered to fill our cooler for our family picnic. I LOVE that Zoe's has a Gluten Free Menu!  Kudos for them.  Of course, fresh taste, fresh ingredients would not be a gluten/glue. :)  Seriously, their Gluten Free Menu is very tasty!

This was perfect because I love making fresh salads and Southern favorites for the 4th of July and Zoe's did the work for me and we all loved it.

1) Pimento Cheese -  I have to say that Zoe's Pimento Cheese was the best!

I love my mother's Pimento Cheese recipe - we grew up with it.  Yet, Zoe's has a secret recipe that makes their Pimento Cheese phenomenal.  We LOVE it. 

2) Zoe's Hummus - Classic - we love this with the Olives on top.  This was perfect with Pita and Carrotts to dip.  We love Hummus and it is a healthy taste with Zoe's.  There are no preservatives.

3) Potato Salad - The Potato Salad was wonderful!  We loved that it did NOT have a mayonnaise flavor.  It was flavorful and went well with the Hot Dogs.

4) Chicken Salad - The Chicken Salad is very hearty and fresh.  The flavor a very simple and wonderful all in one.  We had this with crackers and then again for Chicken Sandwiches.

Here is a picture of the Salad Sampler from Zoe's!  I love this when I go into the Restaurant because you can try out so many different salads and it is plenty of food. I can make two meals out of this goodness!

5)  Pasta Salad -The Pasta Salad is very unique and tasty.  It has a delightful mix of feta cheese and olives with sun dried tomatoes.  This is a perfect Summertime lunch.

6) Fruit Salad - The Fruit Salad is the perfect accompaniment

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Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post by Zoe's Kitchen. The opinions are all my own.  We love it! 

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