BlogHer Conference 2012 Week For Me

For my 5th year in a row,  I will be Travel Blogging and MicroBlogging....

So yes, I am going to the Blog Her Conference in New York City!  My first Blog Her was 2010 so it will be fun to be back in NYC for this Conference.  We are all bustling around getting our schedules in order.

I know, you wonder, "what's to schedule?"  This is the awesome time where Bloggers and Brands unite.  We get to meet in real life.  I am excited because a lot of the brands I work with or want to work with will be there.  Many are in NYC and the other "many" make it a point to be in New York City for this.

This week I have gotten many things organized and ready like my Business Cards which I adore from Moo Cards.  If you haven't tried them out, that's where I get those cute Mom Cards y'all have seen.  And my cool "business" (did I just say that?) cards!  They are super chic and get just the message across to potential brands, PR and friends I'll be connecting with at the Conference.

Then I have sorted out all the 'devices' that make the cut!  Seriously, I am going NYC style which means sans all of my Southern luggage I am accustomed to taking.  I know I will be glad - when I am in a cab, walking to Times Square, at the Expo Hall or attending a party - that I planned to bring just what I need.

Next, the Outfits!  Let's say this is serious business for a Fashion Blogger!  The Outfits are vital.  The shoes have to rock, the frock :) has to rock and we all know the handbag has the win!  All of this while traveling like I'm backpacking across Europe.

So yes, I have been Rolling my clothing the past two days.  Yes, the fun part.  Rolling up those party dresses so I can touch them up with an iron when I arrive... all this in my non-existent very limited "free time."  Of course, it will be so worth it.

This is truly a wonderful time to meet people in what we call "in real life" - friends, co-workers, brands, PR, that we work with all year.  So I am excited and how could I not be I love New York City.  All American Girl!

Let me know if there is something you would like to see or hear here - otherwise, thanks for joining my journey.  I cannot wait to share more of the latest and most amazing Food, Travel, Fitness, Family, Faith brands and NYC! with you live!

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Warmly, Carolina Mama

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