"I Got This" Jennifer Hudson Releases New Book

"I Got This!"  Jennifer Hudson has released a book of her Weight Watchers journey.  Well, I got this on my iPad 2.  And am loving it!   No doubt you have seen or heard Jennifer Hudson sharing her journey to weight loss with Weight Watchers.  You know I am a long time Weight Watcher. :)  And I love her story. I am loving her NEW BOOK:

See, wouldn't you agree Jennifer's Got This!  She candidly shares her ups and downs and the realization that see needed Weight Watchers to begin with - I can relate.  

"It gave my Mama a lot of joy to make meals for her kids." 

See, I can totally relate and my Mama cooked from scratch also. :) 

Then came the unexpected: life, another decade and pounds.  So yeah, I love the "I Got This" approach and Jennifer's "I love Weight Watchers." 

It is exciting to read a real life story of someone changing their ways with a reasonable and healthy program like Weight Watchers.  Thankfully, I love healthy foods, I crave exercise and I believe WW is a great and realistic resource. I'm ready to get back to me this year.  WW works! 

Where are you on your own journey to health and wellness?

Who else is a Weight Watchers Member with me?!  It's a New Day and a New Year!  Let's do this.  Do you attend meetings?  Track online?  Or just do your own thing? 

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

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Charlotte said...

I truly need to start WW's. I understand it is so much better than it was years ago. i just don't have any will power ;-(