Duke University Chapel - "Music of Canada" Organ Recital by David Arcus

Hope you have had an amazing weekend!  Can you tell our week and weekend has been full on?!  We have had a blessed week.  And a full one.  We ended it here at Duke University Chapel for an Organ Recital "Music of Canada" by David Arcus.  What a blessed time!

I love their motto for the Chapel:  "Keeping the heart of the University listening to the heart of God!" :)

The Tigers were the only children there.  We were so proud of their 
behavior. They were such big boys and the LOVED the music.  They 
both are playing the Piano well and enjoy composing songs now! 
So they were thrilled to meet the Organist afterwards and get his signature! 
Here we let them climb trees right before we went into the Chapel. 
Priorities right! :) 

Isn't the Chapel gorgeous?!  The Organist got a Standing Ovation. 
We got to hear him on both Chapel Organs. It was a really magnificent. 

Here's the Happy Family on the way into the Concert! 

Here I am with my Soul Mate!   The Tigers asked my sweetie what 
Soul Mate means... his reply, "Husband and Wife!" :) "Mommy!" :)
Of course, my reply, "Daddy!" :)

It was a wonderful family time.  We all love getting away to enjoy 
beautiful music in such an outstanding Chapel right here in North Carolina! 

How was your weekend?  Hope it was a time to recharge and refresh. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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