No SOPA and No PIPA - We're Blacking Out

Mom Bloggers unite: 

Censoring ██████ █████. The ██████ ███████ internet ███ ████. █████ is like ████ ███ having ██████. ███ duct tape ███ over your mouth. #sopa

Today we are striking against Censorship.  No SOPA and No PIPA means the Government does not censor our little blog.  They can feel free to use that energy to censor the child predators, and illegal activities on this world wide web. Thank you!  

You Can call your Senators and tell them NO also.  SOPA link.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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Smelling Coffee said...

Totally agree, my friend! I'm praying that this fails & will be making my voice heard!

Love always to you...