Great Christian Marriage Advice

Our family was blessed to spend some time together today recharging. We chose to take a listen to our previous Pastor speak. We listened to the awesome Pastor Jeff Clark of First Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

He was our Pastor when the Tigers were born in Mississippi. We were blessed with him as Pastor and his beautiful and wonderful wife, Alicia. Our church family was a spiritual gift to us. We were newly married 'kids from Colorado' whom had 'come home' (for me just an hour + from my birthplace). Treasured

Today we listened to Jeff preach "Crazy, Stupid Love, Part I."

Pastor Jeff has always been ordained to say it like it is. God uses him in mighty ways to reach His people in everyday situations. I love hearing truth. Hear it and let it be the greatest

Marriage advice CHILL. Right! And No, Hollywood is not an example of true love for us to follow! And only Jeff can say it like this, "Men sex is not a need!"

Watch the video and learn from Jeff how to view your marriage in a godly perspective and BE the marriage partner you need to be whether you are married already or are seeking your life partner.

I know you agree that he is one anointed Pastor! We enjoyed this first series and you can find the rest of the Series Part I - IV on the church channel at Vimeo, First Hattiesburg.

Check out his other Sermons of practical and Biblical teaching and be blessed!

Carolina Mama

Warmly,Carolina Mama

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