A Beautiful Saturday

Today was a fabulous family day. We had some great family time and then Dad coached and the boys played ball. So fun.

It was Tiger A's first basketball game and post broken foot. Thankfully, he did great and Tiger B was on a roll tonight. Wonderful all around.

All of this after a round at the gym: Racquetball with Daddy and Mommy on the Treadmill. ;)

After Winning their game, it was Mom's Homemade Nachos (crockPot Thank You!) and then out for Ice Cream at DQ. Somebody likes the Blizzard and the rest of us love a Chocolate cone. Simple goodness.

Notice Tiger B with his Knitting Patterns from Jo-Ann's! He loves to create knitted things and is teaching his brother. Guess who made my cool, cute, cream knitted cap?! Love it!

We are continuing our many 1,000 Gifts again this year. What a privilege and blessing.

Hope your weekend is going well. What are your happenings?


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HDMac said...

Loved watching my boys play basketball .... SO miss those days!!!! Good memories for all of you ! :)