Weight Watchers Bar Code Scanner APP FREE

It's a New Day! And a New Year! 

Somehow, I think Jennifer Hudson wouldn't mind my altering her saying!  Because this is going to be a great year! :) 

So I am at my Weight Watchers meeting last night.  And I ask the all consuming questions what do you do - usually about mid-week - when you do not know the points and you guesstimate and then get off track. 

My Leader gave me "the Best" answer on the planet! 

Weight Watchers Launched the New Weight Watcher Bar Code Scanner APP FREE 

Today at the gym, I realize I didn't track my Breakfast Bar and Coffee. 
So I device to try out the cool new APP. It is awesome!  So easy to use. 

 Here is my first scan: 

Isn't it beautiful!  I fell in love.  Now, I want to track my life.  The APP looks like the 
Weight Watchers logo, here is is for the Bar Code Scanner: 

So I got home and tracked away.  See, look at this. 
I love the way it gives you all the details with the points. 

AND you can send it to the Weight Watchers Mobile APP ...
It looks like this in iTunes 

and track straight to your tracking for the day, add to favorites, etc. The possibilities are endless! 

Here is another scan I did when I got home. :) Easy! 

So the Tigers got a treat lunch at one of their favorites, Arby's, [gasp] and I 
was starving, too... well, you know what helped, I thought about the 
tracking. This new app, how much fat in a "few" fries. Then I remembered my all 
new Trader Joe's Favorites, the Skinny Fries!  

Forget about it, I'm eating Skinny Fries! 
My boys worked out today and they have sports tonight, and no weight to lose, 
so they are good for a splurge, me, not so much. 

Look at the difference, the grease of the "good mood food" [scary] and the 
clean look of a potato - skinny fry.  It's worth it to eat right. 

I love Weight Watchers!  Do you have these APPS?  Are you getting them? 
Let me know what you think. And journey on y'all.  Feeling good. 


Beth in NC said...

Thanks to you I have it! Hey, tell me about these skinny fries. What is the deal with them?

Love ya!

HDMac said...

I am going to have to check out the skinny fries for my hubby! I am on a weight loss journey also, right now. Check out my blog for my latest posting on losing 116.4 lbs. I do love Trader Joes! I will be supporting and encouraging you along YOUR weight loss journey! :) :) :)

Leslie Lim said...

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