Soccer, Tennis, Swim, Basketball, Space Camp Mom

Unintentionally, this Summer looks like it will be remembered as the Summer of Camps. Soccer, Tennis, Swim, Basketball, Space Camps. So much so that yesterday as I made my morning order at Starbucks, the Barista said, "'Soccer Mom' needs her coffee." Just how did he know I was "Soccer Mom" 'this week.' :) Just for good measure, as I circled around to pay and receive the goods, I held the three soccer balls that were in my "Soccer Mom Mobile.' It was a good laugh and way to start our day.

Mix in family visiting us, another grown up, college graduated nephew getting married we'll travel to attend, beach vacation and when its said and done, "Well need a summer vacation from Summer." Moms of older children, please dispel the myth and tell me that this is not typical. Although, I do know things get busier as they get older, we've relished in the fact that we do not 'have' to be busy right now.

Through all this activity one constant has been our friend "The Pool." We've come back to him often and early. We've received welcoming arms and much love from him. For us, this Hooked on Fridays - we're hooked on Pools. Even Camp Mom is hooked on pools - not any pools just luxury pools! What are you hooked on today? Look forward to your answers and have an awesome Weekend!


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LisaShaw said...

Hey there! Looks like you're having a good summer!

Came on over to say congratulations on what you shared on my FIT blog!! Keep it up!

Blessings dear one!!

Kelli said...

Looks like a jam packed summer. Thank goodness for pools to relax in!!!

Terry said...

You aren't kidding. We always need a vacation from the vacation. Never got though.

Smelling Coffee said...

Sounds like you're having such a full and fun summer. :-) Lots of wonderful memories! Enjoy...

thinking of and praying for you often... Jennifer