New Trix Swirls "Better Than Fruit Loops" - Giveaway

Just when you thought I wasn't looking - and Summer has us all slowing down - I wanted to pop things up a bit with a fun introduction and Giveaway to the very awesome and New Trix Swirls...

Trix Swirls

Really General Mills, the producer of Trix Cereals, popped it up a bit at our house when this lovely package above arrived while the family was visiting. This lazy Saturday afternoon, I just watched the Tigers' eyes widen as I opened the package and for no reason at all, let them each eat a bowl of Trix Swirls!

The first thing Tiger B said, (aside from screaming about how cool it all was) "Trix Swirls are better than Fruit Loops!" Then I dove in and tried the goodness. Trix has three flavors in the Swirls. Berry Berry Blue, Rasporangey Orange and Lemon Green complete the Trix Trio. Here is the scoop:

"Trix Swirls® combines two mouthwatering fruity colors into every fun puff that will satisfy kids´ taste buds and spark their creativity! A good source of calcium and vitamin D, the Trix Rabbit won´t be the only one who can´t resist these fruity combos, which include lemony green, berry berry blue, and rasporangey orange!"

How true it is indeed! The Tigers immediately jumped into painting and pencil art with the lovely package included. Carolina Mama gives a special shout out "Thank You General Mills" for the huge Tablet of Art Paper! (Because you know as soon as I opened the beauty of this Paint project - I was all wondering and when did I purchase more art paper this Summer? ;)

There's even a fun game here at Trix World. The boys liked the music and thought it was cute.

Now for the Giveaway Fun:

1) Enter a Comment about your favorite "Fun" cereal;
2) Enter another comment if you "Twitter" this post;
3) Enter again if you start subscribing to Carolina Mama for more Giveaway Goodness!

Good luck! It's so tasty! Your children will love it! Trix Swirls and creative art time - sweet! Winner will be drawn on July 21st.


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JoeyfromSC said...

That's such a cool prize pack!!

Thank you for the chance to win...I grew up eating all sorts of "fun" kids cereals...the older I got, I went to healthy cereals but find the "kid in me" coming out more lately and buying fun cereals again lol

My fave fun cereal is BooBerry!! I LOVE that cereal lol..It is also very hard to find actually!!

Anxious to try the Trix swirls!

JoeyfromSC said...

well, I have searched for 10 mins. all over your blog for the subscribe button haha

I am following you..will that count? lol

I also think you have a very nice blog!

If you have time, will you email me @

ajoebloe(at)gmail(dot)com please and tell me where it might be lol


Mel said...

Not a sugary cereal gal, however my favorite cereal like that it is no longer made was BooBerry, like Count Chocula...

that is an awesome prize pack

Jen @ One Moms World said...

Ohhh my girls would love this :).

I totally loved the BooBerry cereals growing up but have always loved Frosted Flakes :)

denise said...

We were only allowed to eat "fun" cereals on vacation. I always picked BooBerry. They must have done some great marketing judging my the comments so far.


EllyBean said...

Our favorite fun cereal is Cap n' Crunch ( love those berries!) though Trix is pretty awesome too!