Apple to North Carolina

It is confirmed news that Apple is North Carolina bound! That's right, North Carolina just got a whole lot better. All my pc friends have one more opportunity to get to know the lovely Apple family. We are excited to see this expansion in North Carolina northwest of Charlotte. Awesome! From Coast to Coast!

Now, Steve Jobs and Friends, please adhere to my survey and the many others - we need more retailers throughout North Carolina to keep this whole Apple thing top notch! Triad, Triangle, RTP, etc.

Are you an Apple fan? Even my pc fans who swear they can't cross the line - well, they are slowly rapidly seeing the light and being enlightened by the loveliness of all things Apple! Welcome all! What's your preference and why?


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Smelling Coffee said...

Hi friend~ I don't know anything about Apple - still a PC and a Palm phone girl myself...just getting used to those... but wanted to stop by and say hello.

The picture of your family on the right side bar is beautiful! Congrats on having so many adds and sponsors.

Hope you and your family are having a great start to the week. Love you and thank God for you... Jen

Tammy said...

I made my initial cross in to Apple "world" in April with my iPhone. Then jumped in with both feet last month with my MacBook Pro.


KD said...

I started out on a Mac and have always loved them. That said the thing that keeps me away is the cost. Kind of hard to spend $1500 on an apple when I can get a Dell for $400. Since we are a 5 computer family that adds up quickly!

Alicia said...

I'm a PC but I really don't want to be... moving to Apple soon *crosses fingers* I was so glad when I heard the news.

Great blog BTW


Anonymous said...

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