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***The Cousins are here and Summertime life is grand and active. We're off to our Grandmother's, Great Grandmother's, Heritage runs high here! So in light of it all, I do not want you my friends to miss out on my only "Tip" this week and it still Works For Me Wednesday as we're cooking, baking and entertaining. So join me, let me know if you check it out a REPost/Tip..

Promise to share more tips because I came up with a really great one while managing the Boy Cousins @ Soccer Camp this week! See you soon and remember to check it all out at We Are THAT Family.

After sharing my love for the Southern Bundt Cake, it occurred to me you all would most likely love my Bundt Cake Secret Short Cut.
It's simple and amazing all at once.

Take your favorite Bundt Cake recipe or use mine my Friend Paula Deen's. Bake and cool as directed. Now here comes the brilliant, Betty Crocker Winner Tip from Carolina Mama. Isn't this how most "Best of Tips" go, they're discovered inadvertently?! That's me! Honestly, I just happened on this idea and it is glorious!

Take a container of your favorite ready made icing from the Market at room temperature and remove the lid(s). Here's the million dollar time saving tip:

Warm the icing in the "microwave" for 30 seconds or so. About half way, open microwave and stir. Then you literally just smooth over your cake! And you've got instant notoriety! And fans of your Cake!

That's it! A Southern girl tip for you. You too can end up popular, loved and with an award winning, Blue Ribbon winning, Cake!
Finally, remember the cherished "Sprinkles!" and you have just become a budding Martha Stewart, Paula Deen or Carolina Mama. :) They'll all love you and you'll love you for using this Southern short cut and making it work!

Have you tried it?! Thoughts and feelings? :) This Tip is a "Tasty Tuesday" tip! (on a Wednesday, what can I say?! Mama's being a Mama and it's Sumemrtime!) What about you? Tips?


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creative gal said...

LOL That's my secret too! :)

Beth in NC said...

Do you refrigerate it after you place on the icing to harden it?

Looks lovely!

Nancy M. said...

Cool! I love easy shortcuts!

Carolina Mama said...

Beth, You do not have to refrigerate the cake. I usually pour the warm icing before serving or leaving for a party. And it cools down and hardens a bit so it's perfect! Pour over cooled cake. And Enjoy!

Rona's Home Page said...

I used to make bundt cake all the time till my husband got diagnoised as Type 2 diabetes.

mub said...

This is a fabulous idea! I can never get frosting to look right *L*

Shannon said...

I do something similar. I also leave out the frosting to room temp and then ice the cake while it is hot. You get the same effect.

Shannon said...

P.S. Got an e-mail from la plates weeks ago, placed the order, but never heard anything back from them. Not sure what is up, or if they even got the order. I figure I should have had the plate by now, unless it is coming from China via a burro, lol.

JoeyfromSC said...

that's a neat idea!! I love to bake and love the shortcut idea..You have a great blog btw!!:)

My birthday is tomorrow..did you bake it for me?hehe