Free Starbucks, Free Sweet Tea - Life Is Good

That's right, FREE Starbucks Pastry with Drink Purchase today! Did they know I am recovering from an awesome week of family visiting fun and preparing for a family Wedding!?! Do they know that any day I am looking for a good reason to frequent Starbucks one more time. Today's our day. Now to narrow down "which" pastry....

FREE Starbucks

While you're here at Carolina Mama getting all the Southern goodness news there's not only FREE Starbucks, there's FREE McAlister's Sweet Tea i.e. Tea Freaks! Right, just pay me later! Talk about a fun, full drink week.

All you folks from "elsewhere," you know who you are, the ones who have made fun of our Southernness all these years! Now, is your chance to taste the goodness, become a Tea Freak! at your local McAlister's Deli. Because McAlister's is t.h.e BEST Sweet Tea on the planet aside from going by yo' Mamas. If there was ever any doubt, just check this out on your way over....

As you'll notice, we Southerners take our drinks seriously. Now, I have not gotten word of a FREE Southern Mint Julep day, stay tuned. Meanwhile, enjoy being Southern for just a day. Take in a little Old South.

Tell me your drink story?


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Shannon said...

Whew, can't wait! Thanks for posting the freebies. Going shopping with my mom today, adding in a Starbucks run now!

Rona's Home Page said...

I heard about the pastry freebies at Starbucks on Facebook but didn't get a chance to stop by.