My McDonalds No, Not Me!

Today was a special day at our home. Four years ago today, the Tigers prayed to accept Christ as Savior. It was a big week in our family. The catalyst to this huge conversation came from our "Loss of the Roses." So the light in the darkness was clearly our young children starting their own walk of faith through this difficulty. (And though emotions run high, I tend to write about things once I have gotten a little distance between then. So suffice it to say we're had a reminiscent week.)

Fast forward to lunchtime today, I took the boys to McDonald's. After all, they still love the little miniature stuffties in the Happy Meal. And I am acutely aware that there tastes will change all too soon. The boys were ordering their own meals and paying for with the enthusiasm of an eight year old child.

Soon Tiger A realized he needed a cheeseburger to supplement his Happy Meal and so he was off to order. As I watched and waited, the Cashier asked "Are all of those yours?!" I finally got to see what all of my friends with six children feel like except I think there were seven total today. I smiled and said, "The Twins are mine." Knowing full well, if she couldn't recall just placing the order she surely didn't get who "the Twins" were. That was okay by me. Really I wanted to answer "I wish!" just to see her response. And partly because I do. :)

Then knowing the answer, I asked, "Do you have any?" As perdicted, she replied, "No." Then I didn't predict her to so readily refer to money in the context of children, "All of my money is for me." I was flabergasted.

No, Not me! I did not reply, "Because It's All About The Money!"
No, Not me!

And then as if I wasn't floored enough, she replied like we now understood each other, "Oh you know it, at 25, all the money is for me and it's mine." To which I could only manage a little 'okie dokie.' I mean what possesses people. As I was taught, "the Almighty Dollar." Believe me, I know we all need them and I was raised in a family that had many of them, yet as I walked away today, I couldn't help thinking I really had gotten an up close glimpse of the "me generation."

It was real obvious that this Cashier had never heard or been instilled these quotes:

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -Mark Twain

This story had to make the No, Not Me! because for the first time a No Note Me momment happened, I actually thought this is such a No, Not me! moment!

What about you? How would you reply to that kind of question and conversation?! Do you have these "No, Not me!" moments? Please share them.


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dddiva said...

Wow, life just never fails to keep amazing me.
I guess, though, it is good that people know themselves well enough to know they are too selfish to share their time/money/effort with a family.
I don't know how I'd have responded- probably with my jaw dropping on the floor.
That being said two of my girls are not yet ready for kids and I am very, very glad they are abstaining because they probably would resent having to give up so many things at this point in their lives... not necessarily money, but the freedom to pursue their passions.
I know a lot of people who have children before they are ready and while some step up better than you can imagine, some... well it is not a good situation for anyone involved.

Carolina Mama said...

Absolutely a great point DDDiva. I think the whole thing just took me by surprise. And being a Manager at the establishment we were patronizing, what if they were mine...? Bizarre. Thanks for sharing you make a great point too.

Beth in NC said...

I probably would have just smiled and handled it like you. People are so different and who knows what type of life this young girl lives. She may have just meant that she was all alone and was making light of the situation. Maybe she desires to have a husband and children (if she isn't married).

I remember before our daughter came into our lives, the "do you have any" question was SO painful.

We just never know. :o)

Have a blessed day!

The Smith's said...

Years ago I had a licensed daycare and I cared for a 3 year old boy that one couple had. Every year they went on a week long vacation without their son. He knew that mom and dad were going to the beach and he also knew that he never got to go on a vacation with them. One day I was tlaking about our family plans to go to the beach and she replied to me.."Oh no, a vacation with your kid just isnt a vacation" to which I replied, "to me, a vacation without your children isnt a vacation" DOnt get me wrong, my husband and I do make the effort to go on weekend trips alone but our longest vacation is always with our children. This couple NEVER took their son with them. To this day it breaks my heart for that little boy.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, my lands. Then again, I always heard that if you think you are not selfish, get married. And if you think you are not selfish after marriage, have a child. Then continually add children to your family until humility kicks in and you realize, "goodness, I AM selfish."

Nancy M. said...

Wow! I would have probably just pretty much ignored her. She sounded pretty immature to be 25. Though, I guess some people grow up later than others.