Winners Winners Pre BlogHer Winners

Note: UNedited see below for details :)
Right on the brink of BlogHer's kick off, we have excitement for the locals.  Absolutely!  We're announcing the lovely Trix Swirls Winner and the Deck of Chores Winner!  Yes, it is midnight and I am aware we're on the way to the 23rd of July and these Winners are hot and ready.  What can I say a Family Wedding will do that. 
So without further ado...  the Trix Swirls Winner is: Congratulations to Jen @ OneMomsWorld!  Cool! (will link when back to my computer - wow this is a tough transition back to windows.) And the Deck of Chores Winner is:  Congratulations goes to! Number 2 - Ann.  (Will link you once I am back to my lovely Mac. Windows is being tres difficile tonight)
Now I have readers who will have shiny happy swirly colorful children who do all the Chores in an instant!  Now that's an accomplishment!  Thanks for entering, reading and for the fun.  And I might as well announce, it is going to be a bit sporadic over the Wedding festivities and yet, stay tuned because that's when you get the real fun like this post that is boring because I am working on Windows.  And no offense, Windows Girls, but when you're a Mac Girl, it's a tough situation.  I'll spare you the details of the upscale hotel that advertised WiFi included and failed to mention that Apple Fans are not included.  Okay, in light of world peace, I'll survive tonight. 
Stay tuned because we're up to a whole lot of fun. What about you - what are you up to these days?  And just to keep my routine a little familiar, This is my TIP:  When traveling and making hotel arrangements, ASK the Reservations Staff if it includes say Apple!  Want other tips at this late hour check out <a href="">Works For Me Wednesday? </a>


Shannon said...

Wow, never had that happen before. Thanks for the heads up, will def ask from now on. That is strange. I wouldn't want to get on a PC again either, I think we have been spoiled my Apple, lol.

Ann said...

Yay! I won! Thanks so much!