Just So You Know... My Mantras and The Energy Level...

Just so you know.... the energy level around her is high. These pictures capture a moment of truth here at Carolina Mama. The boys are full of energy on a regular basis. I know it is not anything new to parents of small children. And for multiples parents, parenting twins or triplets can be exhausting on any level and particularly when all of that energy is like an explosion at one time!

That is one of the mantras here - we are doing all of our parenting in one fell swoop. It's a one shot deal right now, know previous knowledge from child one or two. It is the full-court press everyday. And a lot of the time, Carolina Mama is out numbered. To put it in my basketball terms from days of yore, it's two-on-one. Then two-on-two strengthens up things a bit.

However, I thought I would draw your attention to two things here: In the first photo, the boys are having a grand ole time in none other than the laundry basket. I love this shot - because they still fit in it! Ever so barely. There is a photo of them at about a year or so both laying in the basket with plenty of room so this makes me a bit nostalgic.

And the second photo, sums up the end-of-the-day around here. Full-on Tigers actually 'working out' and Mountain Man worn out! ;) Carolina Mama's where else in the kitchen whipping up something marvelous. ;) Honestly, I don't know about you but we often half laugh and half cry how can someone be so tired after a day-in-the-life and the boys are so full of energy. :) That's the mantra of parents everywhere, right!

We joke that they had it right in the days of old when the 'children' married in their teens. They were raising children while they still had the energy of a child. No wonder. And I have had a friend or acquaintance or two who got started so early they laugh because they are finished by the time we are in the throes of raising twins.

Yet for me the underlying, I'm loving every moment. Even the tired ones, because the mantra I've always had has been, "If all I am is tired, I am very blessed!" So true.

Everyday I am thankful for our healthy, happy, big little family! The energy and joy of these boys is not taken for granted. And as my friend, Esther would say, I am very thankful "For such a time as this!"

So tired as we may be, I am eternally grateful for each day I get to get tired with my crew whatever we do! And to the Father who gave us these gifts seven years ago.

Happy Saturday and may we all get a little rest!


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Smelling Coffee said...

Cute post, cute boys, and I loved your quote about if all we are is tired, we are blessed! That puts the exhaustion of parenting into prespective! Thanks for the reminder. :-)