Works For Me Wednesday - Creative Play - Win It Wednesday Giveaway

As the Boy Mamas know, boys are very active. Can you hear me 'active!' And we are always encouraging the outdoors and activities. We also encourage creativity.

We are not one of those super-scheduled, join-almost-every-activity, (especially the ones you wish you'd tried the as a child. ;) over-busy families. Yet we have a good mix of activities, sports and fun for the Tigers.

Recently, the TIgers took it all to a whole new level with creating their own punching bag system right in our own backyard! They found this hilarious and entertaining. I found it entertaining too. Look at pictures. They're enjoying and active. We're loving having them get such a chuckle out of their invention.

Here's their Invention - The Punching Bag:

1) Fill cloth bag with soft clothing; ;)
2) Hang at appropriate length for the children to "punch" said bag! and (safe height, we chose a little higher so that they wouldn't get caught in it and supervised/laughed the entire time. ;)
3) Enjoy!

Cherish your children. Let them enjoy their childhood, wonder and creativity!

***P.S. Enter the WIN IT WEDNESDAY GIVEAWAY HERE! ;) Big stuff.



a Tonggu Momma said...

The things children will come up with... and thank you for the reminder to slow down and simply allow play to happen.

Sarah said...

Have been busy lately, but am so glad I checked in with you! Your blog is so pretty! The boys are having a blast, I can tell!
Also--looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of that book!

Shannon said...

Very cute, love the Spiderman suit. We have the same one, the kids get a kick out of the muscles!

Smelling Coffee said...

How fun, and what a great idea they came up with! My son had the same spiderman suit, too! They do grow up so quickly!

Wani said...

great idea!

We are THAT Family said...

My son would love this! My daughter would love it too!