God Meant It For Good and The Will of the Father

Because Fall is gorgeous - here's our pond. See a little foliage there.

This Fall I have the wonderful opportunity to be a part of a Bible Study about the Life of Joseph: God Meant It For Good.

So far it has been an awesome eye opening study. I loved the first remarkable thing about Joseph that I have never noticed before and that is during his trial and estrangement from his brothers he never complained. I just love that he didn't capitalize on the difficulties he was experiencing.

And this past week, the topic came up about God's Will for our lives and our will. In other words, do we truly seek and want to want His will?

There are many ladies taking the classes but our small group is about eight ladies ranging in every age bracket it seems. I love what one of the older ladies talked about on this topic. She said the prayer we would want to immulate is "Lord may I will to have your will!"

That struck a chord with me. May my will be His will! It is a new way of saying, "Father your will be done!" In that it goes further, May I actually will/want your will.

As believers, I know this is something we all struggle with on and off at seasons of our lives. Yet, for me I want to really grasp His weaving of the tapestry of my family and my life. Not just verbally but in my heart and actions.

So often I think I have such well laid plans. Because the world is all about the plan, the goal, the reward, And when I say the world, I am talking to my carnal self too. In the world's eyes, the will is to be successful and our standard of success, is more and more of tangible the "things" in this world. so often I think we/I confuse what succeeding with the Father is in comparison to succeeding in this world brings with it.

As I heard this for the first time and it resonated with me, the Holy Spirit was challenging me to just begin with this prayer. "Father, may I will to have your will be done." Honestly, if my prayer is to will for His will, don't you think I will be more willing to take the steps He wants me to take.

Well, that's my prayer too. Thank you Father for meeting us where we are.

Do you have an experience or scripture to share in this arena? I'd love to gain insight or courage.



Shannon said...

Willing to have His will is so hard sometimes. My selfish nature keeps getting in the way. Thanks for your reminder! My Dad used to always say, "Think about what you are doing and thinking and saying.... would you want to be doing that when Jesus returns?" So true.

a Tonggu Momma said...

This has been a hard thing for me lately. I needed to hear this today.

I'm struggling because we are watching my FIL and also my neighbor/friend as they enter into the final stages of terminal cancer. And then there is the 2+ year adoption wait... but now I'm thinking that perhaps God needed our adoption to take longer because I'm supposed to step in and help care for these twins who are going to lose their mother. But then again, I think 'why is God allowing this sickness anyway?'

And I truly KNOW all of the right answers to those questions, but knowing and feeling don't always gel. Yet this prayer - and the not complaining - those were things I needed to hear today. Blessings to you.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

It is so hard to pray for God's will sometimes, but I agree that He is pleased with asking to have the will to have His will. So much grace in that! He knows we are selfish and will help us even to want what He wants. Thank God!

Kate McDonald said...

beautiful photo- beautiful post!

Audra Krell said...

This is so difficult to do, but we don't have to do it by our own strength. I pray early and often and I tell God that I'm willing to be made willing. That prayer brings me instant peace.