What I Learned on Family Camp - Our Carolina Fall Camp

We had a spectacular weekend with equally as fabulous weather to match which making a perfect combination for a fall family campout.

So we did! At one of the large and lovely lakes! It was truly great.

We typically spend a great deal of time outdoors. Yet, surprisingly, this was our first family campout since the Twins joined us seven plus years ago. We had the perfect circumstances. Weather, our campsite, etc. So we were really destined to have a successful stay.

It was an unplugged weekend - except for a Twitterific :) or two - so of course, it was normal to experience plenty of postable goodness.

Intermittently through out our weekend, I was simultaneously be compiling a little list of "What Carolina Mama Learned on Family Camp" so you my bloggy friends get to hear the line up.

1) The next time we set out for Camp, use a Master Camp List (from days before) ;) rather than just pack by memory
2) Put Hammer on the Master Camp List - to anchor the tint stakes
3) Enjoy your camp neighbors from Texas who offer up their big hammer ;) Go Tejas!
4) The Tigers are very eager to learn the skills that Mountain Man possesses regarding setting up camp and building campfires
5) Scrambled Eggs made on the campfire trump all others and grilled Toast made over a camp fire is phenomenal!
6) That could survive seeing more bugs, ants, Daddy Long-Legs, and other critters
7) The Girl Scout days of yore are like riding a bike - they really do come back to you
8) The Tigers loved hearing you can throw as many rocks as you'd like into the Lake! ;)
9) One TIger reported throwing over a thousand rocks into the Lake; and
10) Time together at our Family Camp out at the lake gives Camp Rock new meaning! :)

***Bonus Lesson/Note to Self: Never agree to enjoy Hot Apple Cider in place of Starbucks for my morning joe. ;)

Are you a camper? How often do you go? Anything you've learned while on your family camps that you want to share? Have a great day!



Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Sounds like a great time! I am glad to hear that the old Girl Scout skills come back! :)

Wendy said...

I'm glad y'all were able to get away before it gets too cold! I love to camp; my husband does not, so we don't often go as a family. I have to start a list prior to trips and jot down things as they come to me. I still forget things, but I figure you're roughing it, right? I keep all the major gear stored together so I'm not as likely to forget that stuff.

Looks like y'all had fun!

Nancy M. said...

We like to camp too. It's an affordable way to travel. I've only been once in the last year though. My bed died and I just got a new one, so maybe sometime soon.

Shannon said...

Sounds like allot of fun! Love the pic of them standing in the lake.