The Mom's Guide Place - Car-Seat Buying Guide - Who Knew!

The Tigers are growing at a rapid rate. In fact, Mountain Man and I were just discussing how they are practically in the four meals a day category. With that said, they are really good about knowing when they are satisfied and not overdoing it. However, since they are so active, they are ravished often.

Check out our car seat options. The Tigers still need car seats - question is: do they really need the five-point harness?

As I searched, I came upon this great website Car Seat Buying Guide. Have any of you discovered this cleaverness? Apparently it compiles information on all products and presents it concisely together. A mom's dream! The Mom's Guide Place - or comparison shopping all at one .com. What a oncept!

It is wonderful to have access to this Infant Toddler Car Seat Buying Guide especially since everyone I know is expecting their own Cherubs. :) So sharing the wealth right here.

Our first car seats were Graco. How cool was this, I was googling Graco Booster Seats and got this Graco Car Seats for Children for every baby age and stage. These Booster Car Seats look perfect for the boys right now.

It's the Mom's Guide Place. Did I tell you I shop Christmas online!? The rewards are many.

Now that sounds like another Works for Me Wednesday. ;) Right now, it works for me with growing Tigers. Have you usedThis Guide before? Or now? It's pretty cool.

Remember the GIVEAWAY - here! :) It's a good one.



Shannon said...

Sounds awesome, gotta check it out. I shop on-line often, and have noticed that the deals that people line up for the day after Thanksgiving are also available on-line at many stores the night BEFORE the big day. We use the booster seat car seats because they can buckle in themselves, and I am tired of climbing up into the back of the Suburban to click them in, lol. They are also easier to move to the dump-trucks and other vehicles. We bought three more of them, I already had one from when Wyatt was little.

Carolina Mama said...

Shannon so true about the big sale days. I managed for an Estee Lauder company for a while and learned that the sales are certain amount and go on certain times of the year with a different name! So the 'one day' sale is sort of a myth.

And I am with you on online shopping - especially with all the children. :) Precise, efficient and arrives at your door!

Genny said...

What a cute blog you have here! And I can sure relate to the four meals a day thing! Seems like my kids are always hungry. :)