iPhone Remote: How to Use Keynote Remote for Your iPad, MacBook Air,AppleTV

Apple Techies like us love this.  Use your iPhone as a Remote for your iPad, MacBook Air, Apple TV.  Yes!

Admittedly, the first time I tried using iPhone to present on my iPad I was hooked.  The simplicity is fabulous and the freedom while speaking is outstanding.  When I do Social Media Workshops, I use an Apple connector to connect to a Projector.

Sounds good.  It is except the freedom to roam the room or platform would be nice.  Well, it is and here is how you can, too!  Welcome Keynote Remote.

Start with your current version of Keynote on the iPad, Apple TV or whatever device with which you'll present.  (Don't mind that I need to update like (really!) 38 APPs.

Next, take your lovely iPhone and make sure you have this latest APP.  The awesome Keynote Remote Apple APP!  Hallejuiah!  Isn't it lovely!  Worth every 99 cents. 

Open the Keynote Remote APP and if you are all iCloud synced up like a great Apple fan, 
your iPad should come up on the list in Settings.  Make sure all devices have the Wi-Fi On.

Speaking of Updates, you will want to make sure you have all of your latest iOS 6 Software Updates! 
Oh, they have some really neat updates for us.  As I always say, 
"There's a reason we're Apple devoted." 

Yes, that too.  Go ahead and charge up and plug in your devices. Updates work best this way. 

Here's where it gets fun.  Open your Keynote presentation on your iPad (or device of choice). 
Go to the upper right hand corner and click the tools icon (looks like a wrench). 
Touch the "Advanced" bar. See below. 

Then Tap the "Remote" bar as seen below. 

You will get a Turn "On" Enable Remotes.  You will get a Code on the iPhone to type in on the iPad. 
When you open your tools as pictured below, slide the bar to say "Link." Then enter the Code.
You will be linked and see this screen. 

Then you will receive this message prior to beginning your presentation.
Simply click "Control Slideshow." And you are 'live." 

After it pairs the devices, you are golden.  Then it is show time. 
Simply Open your Keynote presentation and swipe your iPhone from 
anywhere in the room and present.  

You can control the presentation by tapping "Options" in the top 
left corner of the iPhone.  Tap First Slide, End Show, etc. 
(as seen below; ignore the iPhone 4s in this shot, this is part of an 
actual Keynote of mine prior to the iPhone 5 release_.

One more fun thing to add, Presenters check out the "Presenters Notes" bar
in your options for Keynote Remote. And feel free to type notes to yourself.
These do not show up on the projector screen. 

See my example below.  The yellow memo is for my eyes only. 
So many great things about Apple Technology.

Hope you enjoyed the "How To."  If you have questions, I would be happy to help. 
Just leave a comment or feel free to email me at CarolinaMama1 @ email (dot) com.

Thanks and Best to you.

Carolina Mama 

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