Favorite Go-To Fall Meal When Dining Out with Restaurant.com

You know I am loving working with and dining out with Restaurant.com as one of their Bloggers.  We have used their site lots prior to this.  With Fall here and getting in full swing, we are talking about Fall Foods and how our taste buds change with the weather.

I fall right in the category of those who change their dining choices with the weather.  :)  Let's face it, that's part of the fun with new seasons.  Now that it is cooler weather, I am soooo in the mood for Los Tres Magueyes and their Cheese Enchiladas!  They are perfection and it's the first thing I order when Summer is over.  So, look out for us soon. :)

Though in the Summer, I like the Taco Salads.  With Fall here, I love Hearty Soups and Stews.  They are a meal and the warm my heart and soul during Fall and Winter.  So far, this year, I am going with the Soup and Salad options.

For me, Soup and Salad is perfect, I can enjoy a warm, comfort food and a healthy salad as well.  The combination is perfect.  It is nice now that so many restaurants always have Soup and Salad and often the Combination.

Also, I love pushing myself to try new things.  And with Restaurant.com, it is the perfect time to get creative and curious and check out something new on the menu.  After all, I am saving lots with Restaurant.com so it is a good time to wonder off of my typical menu choices.

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What are your favorite foods in the Fall?  Do you change up your order, too?

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Restaurant.com.  I am an Official Blogger for RDC and these opinions are all my own. 

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