FTD College Rose Bouquet for Game Day Family and Friends

My amazing brother and his wife just celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary!  We love them so much and their family is so beautiful.  They are blessed.  Over the miles, we celebrated with them and a little help from FTD Floral. 

With FTD you can send the most beautiful Roses Bouquet right to the front door of someone you love. And they will look all beautiful and spectacular like this.

FTD Floral  is a beautiful way to show your school spirit!  So of course, we could not resist the LSU Bouquet! My brother was a big football player so the LSU Football is always a win!

FTD was so friendly to work with and they were super prompt.  I made the order and the rest was PERFECTION.  The next thing I knew, my brother and sister-in-love were calling and all,  "Thank you for the amazingly beautiful LSU Roses, we've seen nothing like it."

We also send a beautiful UNC Tar Heels Bouquet to my precious and beautiful and sweet amazing Mother.  Thank you all who have prayed for her to feel better.  We are so thankful.  So FTD I am sure orchestrated the alignment of the stars to get their bouquet delivered around their schedule.

I couldn't be more happy.  The staff was friendly and completely prompt and look at this bouquet!  Really, these bouquets can celebrate anything from Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversary of the College Sweet Hearts, and a College Game Day.  We love it just like we love tradition here in the South.

We love the concept of FTD and College Bouquets!  There are other special occasion bouquets. 
And with FTD you can order within a certain price range, add a stuffed animal, or treat. 
It is so personal and prompt. Check out these other school options. 

You can order the College Bouquets now here.    The FTD 800#: 1-800-SEND FTD.

We were so thrilled to connect with our family long-distance in such and fun, loving and personal way!   Thanks FTD we love working with you!

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

*FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by FTD Floral.  

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