Adds One Million Verified Diner Reviews to Its Site

As a Blogger, I get to bring you the latest and the greatest information as soon as possible.  I love it!  Also, I get to give you an honest-to-goodness Mom Review on most of the brands and products I work with on any given day. enables local restaurants and small businesses to give diners the best deal on every meal.

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Now, you can get those deals and reviews from their customers.  That's a win!  It is so exciting that has now added one million verified diner reviews to their site.  Now, you can not only hear honest feedback from the Official Bloggers like me, you will be able to read many of the million reviews from various diners.  Perfection.

If you are like me, I live by Reviews.  Whether I ask one of my Mom friends what the best Fabric Softener is or the Best After School Healthy Snack, I LOVE a good opinion.  And honestly, that's why I love helping other Moms.

I love to get the scoop and give it to you here!   For example, when we go to a new restaurant, I love to read a few reviews.  I like to find out the best dish, the best time to go, are they consistently serving up great meals?  Usually, the reviews are an awesome help with this.

Here's how the Million Reviews Work:

  •, the nation's largest restaurant deal site with more than 45,000 deals available everyday just made it easier for diners and deal seekers to find a five-star meal for less with the addition of more than one million Verified Diner Reviews.
  • These new reviews have been put into a new search functionality, which allows consumers to more easily search the Restaurant.comdeal database by location or by star rating.
  • Consumers can rely on the authenticity of these reviews because they are posted by verified diners.  
  • How is a verified diner selected?  
    • Following a validation of a certificate, the diner that purchased the deal is prompted to award the restaurant a star rating and post their feedback.  
    • Only individuals that purchased and redeemed a Restaurant.comcertificate at that restaurant are invited to submit reviews.  
    • This verification process ensures the reviews are not written by competitors, proprietors, or others with a biased agenda.  
    • reviews are centered on the restaurantexperience.  
  • The stars are awarded by diners, not anonymous Web users, the place to go for honest feedback on where to eat.  To ensure this, Verified Diner Reviews must meet the following standards:
    • The diner is required to purchase a certificate and the restaurant must validate the certificate prior to the diner receiving an invitation to review the restaurant.
    • The diner must complete the email review and short survey, including the assignment of a 1-5 star rating.
    • reviews are centered on the dining experience.  For example, if the review is about the great deal or a bad date rather than the restaurant itself, it may not be posted.  If it is about the food, the ambiance, the service, it is posted for everyone to see.

You can see how these will be extremely helpful to diners. has verified that the Reviewers are official. Check out the official PR News Release here. 

Now, go enjoy an awesome Restaurant of your choice!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

* FTC Disclosure:  I am a Official Blogger.  Opinions are all my own. 

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