We Still Celebrate October Fire Safety Month

It's October Fire Safety Month and we still celebrate it! Every year.

This is quite possibly our 11th year! And I can hardly believe the Tigers are in Middle School. All these years of sitting on the Fire Truck, in the Fire Truck, etc. It made me so delighted that they wanted to check it out...one more time.

And my how time flies. I want to savor every detail. Their sweet smiles, their tall structures, big feet! and even their black back packs. I did say Middle School. lol They are both carrying bags from one of Mom's blogging meetings. ;) Shout out to "the brands" because we do use your bags ;)

And my heart skips a beat every time they play so well and create and live and dream and laugh together! #ThisIslife #1000Gifts #Win

Do your kids still celebrate Fire Safety by visiting the fire trucks driver's seat?

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