A Thousand Thanks - These Are The Days

"A Thousand Thanks!" Shakespeare

These are the days! I know my life is full and for that I am thankful. It's the day-to-day things.

The Tigers are such sight and efficient, I might add, helpers at the market. What helpers I have. What Little Men! So proud of their hard work.

Am always happy to play tennis with Boulder Mt. Man and the Tigers. We all love it. Doubles is our game. Singles for the drive. Doubles for the win!

There are days we hit the gym. My heart soars to watch them "lift weights with Daddy!" Seriously, I was in Pilates but I snapped a few pictures to treasure.

And Crafting. Yes, they knit and crochet! And Tiger B is teaching me! I have homework - 10 minute minimum per day. So far, so good.

They love my Eggplant Lasagna! Oh good, it's another family favorite. Except apparently, a pound and a half of extra lean beef is jut not enough. Boy Mom! I have some work to do on "beefing up" my recipe! ;)

Reading is always a favorite of ours. We are homebodies and reading is our thing. I love Fall and Winter where we lock in, nest, rest and rejuvenate. Of course, with hot cocoa and hot apple cider.

A Thousand Thanks, indeed.

Carolina Mama

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