Anna's Pizzeria Apex, North Carolina

Since I am a Blogger, we get to review several restaurants as part of our Blogging work.  We chose Anna's Pizzeria in Apex, North Carolina because we LOVE Anna's! is so easy to use so when we were perusing and found locally owned and operated Anna's, we made our decision.  And we took a dear friend with us.  We have fond memories there so it was a perfect visit. 

From the minute you walk in, Anna's is such a quaint and warm and friendly atmosphere! 

And look at the fun!  The South couldn't be better summed up.  Be Nice! :) 

I love this mural that was painted on the wall.  It looks just like this!

Now, moving right on into what matters, the Food! :) 
Boulder Mountain Man LOVES his Garlic and Olive Oil Pasta sooooo 
here you have it! 

Yes, this is basically our table.  I know, LOTS of food.  Okay, so our friend (whose hand you see:) and I got the Seafood Bisque and a Greek Salad.  And Yes, each one of these pictured is a single portion! :) 

When we walked in, I had to snap this lovely picture of the pizza they serve by the slice! 

And our boys, the Tigers, eat their own pizza now. 16" half pepperoni and half cheese. 
They pretty much polish it off. Give or take a slice. 

Anna's got a 5 star from all of us. 

Here is another view of the homemade goodness as served.  
The Greek Salad with the Feta was a delight.  I loved it. 

The service was wonderful.  And we were fortunate to not have to wait for a table. 
Sometimes in a small and fabulous restaurant, you are willing to wait for the 
awesomeness!  We would have waited.  

It was a perfect day for Italian fare, it was a cool and rainy Fall Day. 

Of course, we're up for Anna's Pizzeria any day! 

Prior to our arrival, we logged onto and clicked on Anna's Pizzeria. 
Then we chose a $25.00 Certificate.  You can choose increments up to $100. 

See this snapshot for the pricing.  

Once you choose your certificate amount, then purchase it. 
And print out your certificate and redeem it at the restaurant you chose. 

It was that simple.  And again, we LOVED our meal at Anna's! 

What is your favorite food to eat out?  


* This post is sponsored by as part of my participation as a Blogger. 

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