Sale on Gift Certificates $5 for $2

Check out this new $5 dining certificate and make Dining out more affordable!  As my son says, " is 'giving away money.'"  Well, he has a point!  It is like giving away money. 

This week is special. It's Boulder Mountain Man and my 14th Wedding Anniversary!  Exciting!!!  Being from New Orleans, I will admit, we love to celebrate by going out to Dinner.  Dinner as a Family and as a Couple.  And I love to get the best value for our favorite Dining spots in the Raleigh / Durham area. Or, anywhere for that matter. :)

Now you can get the deal with !  They are offering Dining Certificates for as low as $2 for a $5 Dining Certificate!  See, you can take your sweetie out for a dessert and spend $2 for a $5 value.  Go out for a Latte with a friend and spend $2 for a $5 latte.  Awesome.

The $5 dining certificates are on sale now for just $2 which is like getting $3 for free!  The possibilities are endless.  I love this new $5 dining deal for Coaches and Teachers!  Or, for your Girlfriends' little Latte pick-me-up! is the trusted and valued source connecting diners, restaurants, businesses and communities since 1999.
  • This new certificate is available everyday at over 3,000 restaurants nationwide.
  • Minimum spend at the restaurants is $10 so you get a $10 meal and only have to spend $7.
  • With 2/3 working Americans buying their lunches this gives them a way to save on their daily dining.
  • The $5 dining certificate is a great gift option or a simple way to say thanks and with the $2 price point - I'm talking early Christmas stocking stuffers y'all! 
    • Simply visit and click to order an eGift Card, which can be emailed to the recipient immediately with a personalized note. 
All of this is perfect timing for our Anniversary and other celebrations this Fall.  How would you/will you use this sale for those in your life? 

Admittedly, I'm off to check out the local restaurants where I can use my certificates! :)

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored with my partnership wth as an Ambassador. 

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