NC Field Trip: NC Museum of Art

School is back in session and we kicked it off with a fabulous field trip: The North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC.  It was a perfect day for the museum.  We had so much fun we took a Class Photo! 
Here's one of our First Day of School 2012-13 pictures. Teacher and Students!  [time stand still!]


Let the Field Trip begin....

Foremost, the Students of MLA 6th Grade! :)  They give me life! 

"Since the initial acquisition in 1947 of 139 works of European and American art, purchased with a $1 million appropriation of state funds, the collection of the North Carolina Museum of Art has grown to include major holdings in European painting from the Renaissance to the 19th century (enhanced in 1960 by an extraordinary gift from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation of 75 works dating primarily from the Italian Renaissance and baroque periods),Egyptian funerary art, sculpture and vase painting from ancient Greece and Rome, American art of the 18th through 20th centuries, and internationalcontemporary art. Other strengths include Africanancient American, pre-Columbian, and Oceanic art, and Jewish ceremonial objects. (The NCMA houses one of only two permanent displays of Jewish art in an American art museum.)"

Since the NC Museum of Art Reopening, there have been so many amazing updates and 
additions, we cannot contain ourselves.  

We just LOVE this area of the Cafe and Gift Shop that awaits you upon entering the 
East Building which is the new addition. 

Lots of folks were about business and leisure. 
Isn't it beautiful. 

We were in awe. 

Tiger A LOVED this work and displayed his 6th Grade sign proudly. :) 

Tiger B is mesmerized... as we all were much of the day! 

Ahhh, I got them both together!  Best kids on the planet! :) 

We really got down to business.  Yes, I will admit we LOVED having the Museum to ourselves. 
It was wonderful to not pull up with a couple of buses. lol 
The boys were really great.  They took notes for their Report. 

This amazing "Untitled" piece was a favorite! We could look at it all day. 

This was so eye catching and was made of all kinds of metal and other scraps. 
Boulder Mt. Man was amazed and loved the repurposing idea. 

The Tigers really talked it up at the Michael Jordan Basketball Exhibit. 

The Hanes Corporation donated this and we were so proud. Thank you Hanes!
I was so thrilled the Tigers recognized MJ's headband before I did. 

Yes, we goofed off a little and the boys got cozy with the Ox out front. 

The Ox reminded me of an LSU Tiger! :) 

Then we all chose a pair of Bifocals....keeping up our silly glasses picture tradition. 

The outdoor Art in the Park  is amazing and so fun!  We explored outdoors a while and will definitely take our Picnic with us and spend some more time outdoors in the Park this Fall.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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