Unapologetically Strong Parents with Degree Women® Campaign

The Degree Women® Unapologetically Strong Campaign has launched and I was honored to be asked to participate by sharing how I am Unapologetically Strong. 

             I loved seeing Erin Andrews share her unapologetic strength in this video. 

Thankfully, I am rooted with Unapologetically Strong parents.  Their Unapologetic Strength has been my rock and role model throughout life! 

My parents never wavered when raising us.  Their standards for our family were their standards and they stuck to it - while.raising.five.children.  I'll admit it, my parents were amazingly strong to raise me, their Unapologetically Strong daughter. :)  They funneled that strength and I am so grateful for who I am today because of them. 

Did I mention four of us were girls!  Growing up, my parents modeled stamina and Unapologetically Strong lives to us! 

My parents have always been a strong force in my life.  A strong force, I have grown more and more thankful for as I have become a parent myself.  My parents had a strong love for each other.  This love carried them from their magical meeting in Raleigh.  It carrried them through putting my Daddy through undergraduate school and through Tulane Law School in New Orleans.  

Proudly, I refer to myself as the Senior Year Law School Baby in the family!  :)  I admire their work and strength to accomplish their goals.  Career, Family and Community.  So yes, my parent were parenting through my Dad's law school years as I have an older brother and sister.  You know what work parenting is on a day when you are established, settled, a regular routine...now add law school to the mix. 

My parents showed incredible unapologetic strength. My parents were strong the twenty-five years they were married.  My father showed an incredible strength right up until his unexpected death.  

And my mother, God bless her, she has been our ROCK!  A complete force for us in our Daddy's death.  She will tell you it has been her faith in God and the courage He has given her.  And I am so thankful for her. 

No one plans to be a young widow with five children to raise from Elementary School through College.  She did it!  She has seen us all through College Graduations, Marriages, Grandchildren and Greatgrandchildren - even the one year old granddaughter and her family (her grandson and family) who will be embarking on the mission field to Asia with great faith, courage and their own Unapologetic Strength!

Today, as my Mom has had health challenges she has had a strength and dignity and faith that one could only pray for in their own lives. I am thankful for my sister who is all kinds of Unapologetically Strong to be my mother's caregiver through these years since Katrina.  

You see, Unapologetically Strong runs in the family thanks to our parents that define the word strong!  They make us who we are!  

So when my husband and I were surprised with twin sons when he was just a freshman in college as a non-traditional student, yes, I knew I was strong.  And when asked how I would raise them, and was told no I couldn't do that while my husband was in school and working.... I knew. 

I knew, I was Unapologetically Strong and yes, I could do this.  And we could to this.  We did!  Together, in those early years, and now, my husband and I were unapologetically strong.  By God's grace, we did it and are doing it!   Tomorrow, we celebrate 14 years of our own Unapologetically Strong!  We are chips off the old block.  

And I am so thankful for parents who demonstrated Unapologetically Strong to my siblings and me every.single.day! 

That goes for my blessings of Parents in Love (my inlaws) who are their own Unapologetically Strong, so much so they will get their own post soon! :)  We are blessed by their Unapologetically Strong faith and love every day.

Thanks Degree for the Unapologetically Strong campaign to remind me of who I am! And to challenge and encourage other women and families to be Unapologetically Strong! 

You can share your Degree Unapologetically Strong Story on the Degree Facebook Contest and score a win. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*This post sponsored by One 2 One Network. 

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