Raleigh Denim Opens Store "Raleigh" in NYC

"Raleigh!"  Yes, Raleigh Denim Southern Fashion is in NYC!  And here's what the launch looked like.

Photo by New Raleigh.com

Raleigh Denim has changed names to appropriately, "Raleigh!" They made a splash this past week at the New York City Fashion Week!  And their new store Raleigh has launched in the chic Fashion District of NYC SOHO!  Here the Owners,  Sarah and Victor Lytvinenko, pose in their new  SOHO Store, "Raleigh." 
Raleigh Denim Owners Sarah and Victor Lytvinenko

The store looks like a Southern Home and offers their "Southern Comfort" Jeans.   All that Southern goodness in NYC.  We love it!
"The cult jeans of Raleigh Denim, which until now have been available in New York only at Barneys and Brooklyn Denim Co., are handmade in small batches in the couple’s Raleigh, N.C., workshop with vintage sewing equipment and materials from the local Cone Mills. Each pair, $215 to $325, is signed by the sewer. Expect the shop to evolve as their collection grows, with jackets and button-downs and more. For now, get to know the Southern hospitality and high-quality denim."
Check out more of the Fashion details here. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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