Middle School Moments - Time

"Time is no respecter of persons, especially mothers. "

That's how I feel about it.  I realize Time is no respecter of persons. Time marches on.  I know. Our Twins, the Cherubs turned Tigers, are now Middle Schoolers!  Of course, I was more familiar with the scripture, "God is no respecter of persons."  Acts 10:34  Then, I discovered time is no respecter of persons when our sons so quickly became Middle Schoolers. 

The Cherubs, age 4, Virginia

Honestly, I didn't blink and we're here.  God made me well aware of time when he surprised us with Twin Sons so many Summers ago.  With all of the blessing and treasure Twins bring, I have had a keen awareness that time goes quickly when you are doing life double time. 
The Cherubs, age 8, Birthday Lunch at Red Robin

Those who know me, know my 'theory.'  I wanted to be a wife and mom all of my life so that time came and I was ready.  Ready to not miss a beat, not one moment.  Even my little Monkeys jumping on the bed.... 

My 'little Monkeys jumping on the bed,' Ocean Isle Beach, NC
Summer 2010

Even in this intentional place, this awareness, time trumps us.  

Seriously, I never visualized myself as the "Big Kids Mom."  And I suspect like all the Moms before me, they were suddenly in this place. 

I remember the days of more seasoned Moms stopping me in my Infant Twins Mom tracks and in my Toddler Twins Mom tracks to instruct me, "Enjoy these days, it goes so quickly."  "Enjoy it while they are young."  

"He gently shepherds those who are with young."  Book of Isaiah

Though I was keenly aware of the time and the treasures in our care, I didn't expect time to march on.  I kind of expected time to be a respecter of persons.  I wanted her to stand still.  For us. 

And so my husband and I found ourselves sitting in our Tigers' last Sunday School class where we teach in small groups.  Here we were in group assembly realizing Promotion Sunday comes in the Summer.  Like right then and right now.  

You see we had considered stopping the clock a year.  We would "red shirt" out boys and Middle School would wait.  

So we were, yes, texting back and forth in Sunday School right before the Promotion.  Yes, we were those parents.  It would have been hilarious except my emotions we're astounded that we were having this conversation in the first place. 

As the Children's Minister challenged the children before their move over to Middle School and beyond, we texted "is it time?"  "Are they ready??  {Less importantly, Irrelevant "Are we ready?!")  Soberingly, as we had considered, "Are they both ready?"  

The Minister continued we now want to 'graduate' our 5th Schoolers to Middle School with a Certificate and adulation.  

My husband thought they were ready, "now was the time...." "well, quick, tell them."  Except, they were being called up....the texting ceased.  

They only thing we could do is whole-heartedly embrace this moment... clap and cheer and take pictures!  Yes, I'll document "the moment."  We've moved to Middle School.  Thankfully, they picked up and realized this is it, we've done it and their exuberance was undeniable. 

We both in that slow motion of time standing still, looked up and cherished the moments of our boys in their last Elementary School class at our church.  Their pride and joy and sheer excitement. 

Dad had brought Reese Cups, Mom had the camera.  We all had hugs, high fives and laughter.  We celebrated with lunch out, ice cream and an afternoon of swimming.  

And like that I became the Mom of Middle School Twins.  

Disney Yacht Club Beach, Spring 2012

"The days are long but the years go quickly."  

Have you had similar 'moments' in your parenting journey?  Please share. 

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

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Big Big ((HUGS)). You are such a great mom to two wonderful young men!