Best Sweet Tea In the South Ever

Summer is here!  And that means it's Sweet Tea time!  Recently, I was having a moment rocking on my front porch sipping Sweet Iced Tea and I had a moment.  Breath, Take a Sip, Rock... take it all in.  This is my life!  And I shared it on Facebook.  What else! :)

Not only was it a beautiful, relaxing Southern moment, it was that I mentioned my all improved, healthier version of Sweet Tea - it was my new Iced Sweet Tea Made with North Carolina Honey!

Gasp.... because in the South, you do not mess with the ... tradition.  Remember when I first wrote about lightening up the Sweet Tea from days of yore?  Don't mess with Grandma's Grandma's recipe.  My mother made awesome Sweet Tea and bless her heart, she was on the fore front of getting a handle on this sweetened with sugar sweet tea addiction.  She used to use half the amount of sugar.  Hers was fabulous and so I learned it's okay to mess with tradition make a positive change for the good of your loving family.

So I learned to experiment in the kitchen... and I got it right y'all.  You should taste my new and improved Southern Sweet Tea! Iced Tea as it should be.

It is sweet and lovely and guilt-free because it is made with North Carolina Honey.  What else.

Since all my friends on Facebook asked for my new recipe to save them from the sugar factories' sweet tea, I'm sharing here and now for the health of it y'all.

Carolina Mama's New and Improved Good-For-You Sweet Tea

(4) Family Tea Bags - Luzianne is the Best
(1) Quart Tap Water - Take to Boiling Water
1/2 C. North Carolina Honey
Lemons sliced and chilled
(1) Quart Ice Cold Water
Beautiful Tea Glass :)  We love beautiful things here in the South.

*Must use glass containers: (1) Glass Tea Pitcher and (1) Pyrex dish. :)  Secret here!  You'll thank me.

First of all, boil the tap water.  While it heats up, place the tea bags in your glass dish, pyrex is best so it can stand the heat.  In the South, you have to be able to "take the heat."  Just sayin'!

Once the tea pot whistles at you, smile and remove from heat.  Pour the boiling water over the tea bags. Set your timer to 3-5 minutes.  I go for 5 because in the South one must be Strong. :)   When timer goes off, remove the tea bags. Slowly stir in the honey using a wish. Stir until melted.

Pour the Ice Cold Water into the Glass Tea Pitcher.  Pour the hot tea mixture into the ice cold water.  Put ice into your beautiful tall tea glass and pour the lovely Best Sweet Tea Ever over the ice.  Add lemon and sit on the front porch and sip and enjoy!  Remember to wave to your neighbors! :) Even invite them to join you for a glass.

Warmly,Carolina Mama

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