Matchbox Big Boots Blaze Brigade Review

Guest Review Post: We are excited to announce this 
Guest Post by a Boy Mama to a Toddler. Check out her candid 
review of this latest Matchbox toy. 

Matchbox Big Boots Blaze Brigade is a toy geared toward children ages three and up. 

What are Big Boots? Let me tell you! Big Boots are small, detailed action figures that can be tossed, launched, or dropped and they always land on their feet because of their big boots. 

The Matchbox Blaze Brigade comes with a fire truck,and three Big Boots action figures. The Fire truck is so much fun because it provides three different ways to launch your action figures into the air. 

1) To start off, you can open the front of the truck and put two action figures inside. Close the front of the truck, pull back the rear fender to launch the two figures out from the front of the fire truck. 

2) Next there are two launchers at the back on both sides of the fire truck. Each launcher holds one action figure. Pull back the rear fender once more to see your Big Boots action figures fly through the air.

3) The third and final way is to put one figure on the ladder, then push down on the right-side middle button to send the action figures soaring through the air again and  again! Big Boots Blaze Brigade also comes with a water missile your child can shoot through the air.

The Matchbox blaze Brigade comes with very small accessories so when they say on the box ages three and up they really mean it. If you have a child who is almost two like mine is, you can just let him play with the big fire truck and the bigger parts. The little accessories can just be held back for when he is bigger and that way he will appreciate the toy better. 

If your little guy loves lots of excitement and action when they play, this is the toy for him. Our little boy recently received the Matchbox Blaze Brigade as a gift and he was so delighted. Every time I help him launch the action figures he laughs and wants to do it over and over again. Our son is very active, loves excitement, and loves fire trucks! The Matchbox Blaze Brigade opened up a whole new world of excitement for him. This fun toy is sure to bring joy and long lasting fun to any little boy! Thank you Matchbox!

  • Action filled toy
  • Ages three and up
  • Keeps your little one busy
  • Filled with surprises

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

* FTC Disclosure: The product was provided to this Mama by Matchbox. Carolina Mama compensated her for her writing and time. Opinions are all Guest Bloggers own. 

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