5 Ways For Kids To Play Outside This Summer!

Welcome, welcome Summer! Come on in! We love you, adore you and always are eager for your visit!

Our children love you, too. Thank you for the cool temperatures and gentle rains this Spring. I know we will have fun this year.

Here's what our Children will do. 5 Ways For Kids to Play Outside This Summer:

1) Make Getting Out There - Outside - a habit early. Sometimes I just say, "Grab your Crocs!" and it's as simple as that - we're off.

Keep flip flops and Crocs by the door. And Go Barefoot if you're running in the grass! Breath fresh air! Lots.

2) Play in the Rain! I grew up doing this so you can't say it's "weird." Remember "weird people don't think they are weird." Right!

Seriously, I was always known to play in the rain. In fact, our neighbors would say they knew I was home from college because I was out turning cartwheels in the rain ... Often with a sister or by myself, if need be. Yea, I didn't think it was weird either.

It was pretty down right fun and liberating and it sort of shaped who I am. This boy mom loves the outdoors and you know our Tigers do!

"Here's to the crazy ones; the misfits , the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes;

To the ones who see things differently .... You can't ignore them.... Because the people who are crazy enough to THINK THEY CAN CHANGE THE WORLD DO!"

Let your kids experience that whether, like I was, they are raised on two acres to run on or if you run in the park, go! Do it!

3) Find a Reason - water the plants and your child! (see a theme!) Check the mail, visit a neighbor. The pool. A Creek. Get out there.

4) Let them eat Ice Cream outside - preferably while chasing Fireflies, or watching a sunset or shooting star.

5) Find Parks - all of them. Map out the ones or all of them that you want to visit. Experience outdoors differently at each one.

Just enjoy the fresh air and being with your child. Even though we all relax in the Summertime, keep safety first safe water, stranger danger awareness, all of it. Be careful.

Live a life that says "Health is the thing that makes you know right now is your favorite time of year!"

Happy Summer y'all!

Carolina Mama

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