Veggie Tales Has New Web Site

The Tigers have loved Veggie Tales since we can remember.  The stories are great - they always have a sincere learning lesson the children can totally understand.  And let's fact it, the Veggies are funny!
Now,  we all can enjoy Veggie Tales everyday.  Veggie Tales just released their new, interactive website!  It looks like this:

The goal of Veggie Tales is to creating a safe and fun place for KIDS to go online and engage with VeggieTales. The theme for the site is “It’s for the kids!”  Personally, I think they have exceeded their goal! 

VeggieTales sets itself apart from others by its strong Christian faith element. Veggie Tales will offer daily Bible verses called the “Daily Word” and short devotionals for kids hosted by QWERTY the computer character found in the countertop scenes of each VeggieTales show. 

Parents will find this to be a safe and endlessly fun place for kids to go online to play and learn, as well as to grow their faith.  There are games, activities, even e-cards and stories. And for those of us who love online shopping, there is a shop. Check it out!  

The boys love the games and activities.  We also think the Stories section is really cool because everything sounds just like the Veggie Tales DVDs.  

Take a look and tell us what you think.  How do your children like Veggie Tales? Do they love this site?!  We do!  And look out for the new Easter DVD being released this weekend!  Can't wait.  

Hint: We will have a Giveaway of the Easter DVD a couple weeks closer to Easter. :)  Stay tuned.  Thanks for reading. 

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

*Veggie Tales sponsored this post.  The fact that our family loves Veggie Tales - well that's an on going history of ours.  Opinions all my own.

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