Lilly Pulitzer Southern Girl Preppy Mom Fashion Friday

Lilly Pulitzer Southern Girl Pretty 

Mom Fashion Friday 

The Lilly Pulitzer Palm Avenue reminds me of Spring in the South!  

A Southern Easter if you will! 

Love everything about Lilly!  Especially this Delta Delta Delta bag!  Who knew Lilly would carry my sorority bag:  

Since you know Pink is my life, here you go:

Love the simplicity of this classic.

Love the preppy green and pink of this floral print, classic as well.

Perfect looks for say, another classic like the Carolina Cup!  Bring on your Southern ways and dress!  

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

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Kelli said...

Lilly Pulitzer is one of my fave's! I usually try to find it second hand. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for saying hello. I keep up with you but rarely comment!! Have a great weekend. Are you going to the Southeast Homeschool Convetnion in Greenveille, SC? I'll be there!!