10 Reasons Rayovac Lasts As Long

Last Fall, I was honored to be invited to join the Rayovac Power Bloggers.  This has been an amazing opportunity to work with a brand my family loves.  Rayovac has been a power house for us and it has been a privilege to work with them and I look forward to the next six months. 

Here's Why Rayovac Lasts As Long and Why They Are My Go To Battery of Choice: 

1)  Rayovac Invests in Moms and Families; I've been delighted to represent Rayovac as a Power Blogger; Rayovac gives back to moms and families.

2) Powers Your Life!  My sons live on Rayovac Rechargeable batteries!

3) Offers best Coupons everyday here:  Rayovac Coupons

4) Fan Friday Rules! Rayovac offers winnings for you the Consumer

5) The best Flashlights and Lights for Outdoors and Indoors

6) Rayovac Facebook Page is fun and interactive for everyone.  Lots of prizes.

7) Low cost.  High value.

8) Less time, less money and less waste!

9) High performance with a long life. and

10)  Power Up for all of your Tech Tools and Toys!  Rayovac batteries last as long and that translates into "more pictures taken!"  Seriously, that works for me.  More pictures with each battery charge!  I'll take it because I take loves of them/daily pictures!  :)

You can follow Rayovac on FB and @Rayovac_Battery on Twitter and engage in the conversation!

What powers you up?

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*This blog is sponsored by Rayovac.  My opinions and writing are all my own.  Personally, I adore Rayovac. 

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